Born on the shores of Tampa Bay, the origins of The Sea Party go back more than 20 years.  With a passion for fishing and the outdoors, some fresh ideas (at least he thought so), and a strong background in commercial printing…founder John Brackin combined what he loved to do with what he did for a living. As such, a unique lifestyle brand was born and took its first step in 1999 in a humble 10x10 booth at the Frank Sargeant Outdoor Expo in Tampa’s Florida Fairgrounds Expo Hall.  

Our unique graphics and edgy humor were an instant hit with showgoers, and the local shops and store owners quickly took notice.  Within a few years, the line was being carried by many of the finest lifestyle and outdoor retailers around the entire Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific coast regions.

Building on that foundation, The Sea Party's catalog has grown substantially over the years and is now available in a full spectrum of high-quality performance and casual apparel (quite a departure from those beefy white cotton tees with a pocket that everyone had to have in 1999 LOL!).

Our expanded design library includes the venerable Most Wanted Collection, now featuring categories for hunting, freshwater sport fish and invasive species.  And our recently introduced Rockfish Collection (a classic rock-inspired series paying tribute to a few rock star sport fish) is quickly climbing to the top of the charts.  Check ‘em all out and let us know what you think.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! We greatly appreciate your interest in, and support of The Sea Party.  In a world now flooded with apparel and lifestyles brands, we’ve always strived to stand out from the crowd and be unique in our own way. There’s a piece of our DNA in everything we produce. We’ve had an absolute blast developing this line and hope you enjoy and appreciate the quality and creativity we’ve brought together.